Yi king, quand l’oiseau rouge révèle la calomnie

Some friends run a medium-size business and are encountering problems. On Feb. 18th 2013, I decided to cast a gua to see if measures taken or planned will be effective and get them some cash.

Hex. received : 46, no moving lines

  • Year:  si
  • Month:  yin
  • Day:  mao
  • Void branches:  zi,  chou

(My apologies to those who don’t read French, lines read from bottom to top: Wealth, Parents, Officer, Wealth, Parents, Officer. Animals read: dragon, bird, unicorn [worm], snake, tiger, tortoise.)


While writing a note to the people involved, I received a short text message where the lady informed me that on Feb. 14th a former employee had slandered their business in the local newspapers which causes further damages.

Out of curiosity more than anything else I had a quick look at the date. Feb. 14th is a  hai day.

This case is especially striking  when we remember the following:

  • Parents relation on a line hints at news, paper, communication, written documents. Parents is on line 2.
  • Bird as a celestial animal refers to talk. From talk to slander there is only one tiny gap that the Bird often gets credited for. As a side note I don’t know why but celestial birds in WWBG are often given a bad eye, their negative traits tend to show more easily. Bird is on line 2.
  •  hai combines with  yin.
  • Brother is hiding behind Parents line. So it’s on line 2. Brother hints at people of the same generation, competitors sometimes. It’s more often than not people who’ll get out of their way to make sure life won’t run smoothely for the subject if they can help it.  The reason behind this lies in the principles of Jing Fang theory but I won’t get into that right now.

One of the rules in WWBG, is that a yao is likely to release qi (hence something is likely to happen) in a number of cases, one being when the branch of the yao combines with or is clashed by the day branch.

In this case:

  • The Brother yao is hiding behind Parents: it’s not on the scene, it’s lurking somewhere behind. So it can’t manifest and attack the suject that’s Wealth.
  • Furthermore it’s combining with the flying spirit that’s  hai on yao 2, so it’s bound. As long as it’s bound it’s shackled, well at least for some time as, in cases like this one, the yao gets lots of qi from the time frame, month and day of divination being both wood ( yin,  mao). Somehow, it’s ready to go, waiting on the launching pad.
  • Hai not only combines with Yin, it also generates it.
  • On a  hai day, Parents yao receives extra qi so it’s triggered somewhat. The hiding spirit Brother  yin combines with day branch  hai that gives it further strength so the hiding spirit can fly in the open: Brother [former employee] manifests through Parents [newspaper] in the way a Bird would [bad speech].

This unfortunate case is a vivid demonstration:

  • of how qi will interact,
  • of how hiding and flying spirits will manifest,
  • of how literal we can at times take the definitions of the relations and celestial birds in WWBG.

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