On reading and interpreting

One of my internet keyboard friends got back to me yesterday to update me on a reading I did for him last October. While I did remember the general outlines, though a bit vaguely I confess, the details were lost to me. So I rewinded and checked the posts I wrote to him.
Here is an excerpt that I edited for privacy reasons. I have done a number of readings over the years. I often feel that a couple of things should be made clear first.

Here are some of my inputs on reading context:

Before I go into your reading I’d like to make a quick comment. In my opinion, a good reading is one that describes the situation and its outcomes fairly precisely and, of course, adequately. As you know gua (trigrams or hexagrams) will manifest in an amazing number of ways. Strictly speaking, all are legitimate, reading context will though serve as a guideline. If you get 39 asking about a position or about a trip, it will obviously lead to different conclusions and if the person doing the reading tries to be precise (going beyond the core meaning of the gua) then the context matters and will usually make all the difference.

In your case, we know that the question asked refers to work, but context in which you work may change progression and evolution drastically. To illustrate this I’d say that if you’re an entrepreneur you’re playing in a field where dynamics is usually pretty high. On the other hand, if you’re a civil servant this will obviously be different.

That’s why in my experience a reading can go off easily. The “reader” doesn’t know enough of the context to understand how the gua will manifest.

In a next article, I’ll share some views on intuition, psychic abilities and affinity, however little I like the word.


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